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As Uganda celebrates 50 years of independence, MPs, religious and other political leaders, yesterday gathered and prayed for good governance and a corruption-free Uganda in the next 50 years.

At the 14th National Prayer Breakfast held at Hotel Africana yesterday, speakers called upon Ugandans to take today’s independence celebrations as a moment of rebirth for the country and asked God to help build a country free of bad leadership and tribalism.

The prayers were made by legislators Connie Nakayenze, who led the prayer for repentance, Dr Sam Lyomoki, who prayed for governance and leadership, Joshua Anywarach, who prayed for the entire nation, and Victoria Rusoke, who prayed for the world.

Keynote speaker and founding President of the Logos-Rhema Foundation for Leadership resource in Ghana, Dr Abu Bako, warned Ugandan politicians to beware of the type of leaders they want in the next 50 years, saying the type of leaders picked will determine the destiny of the country.

“When you want to solve national problems, stop looking at symptoms but look at the system. The type of leadership is very important for any country. “If anything is going to go wrong, just know that a fish starts rotting from the head. If it is going to be healthy, look at the head. If things have been going wrong in this country, these Jubilee celebrations should be year of restoration,” he said.

“The national prayer breakfast is an annual event organised by Parliament to give Uganda the spiritual strength which is “only available to those who ask and seek for it,” Dr Bako added.

The event is held on the eve of Uganda’s Independence Day. President Museveni, who said he grew up knowing both the Christian and Traditional African ways of life (having been baptised at three years), called on Christian politicians to walk the church talk and practice what they preach.