Please follow the following instructions to enroll in COSTrAD or any of the other Institutes. First of all visit INSTITUTES page and Select an institute of choice. Fill an application form for that institute and submit. Add the following to the completed Application Form:


Apply online by filling the online application form of the Institute of choice and submitting the appropriate documents below.

  1. Completed Interview Questionnaire (Send it to [email protected] with Subject Line “Interview, Your name”)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Passport Picture
  4. Motivation Letter (Send it to [email protected] with Subject Line “Motivation Letter, Your name”)
  5. One (1) Reference or Recommendation letter


Eligible candidates will be selected and called for an interview.

The purpose of the interview is twofold: It affords COSTrAD the opportunity to assess the admissibility of potential students based on certain in-house criteria and also to select the right numbers based on available spaces left.


A Review Board will review applications. Once this is done, confirmed and approved applicants will be sent the following from the Admissions office:

  1. Letter of Admission.
  2. A reference list of recommended preparatory reading materials to help prepare the admitted candidate for the course.
  3. The payment of fees schedule and the deadlines.
  4. Dates, time and venue for the Induction Ceremony before the 1st day of lecture.
  5. One (1) Reference or Recommendation letter
Admission Information

Admission to COSTrAD & Institutes

Admissions windows for COSTrAD and various Institutes are opened around the year. Please check the respective pages for admission and registration information.

Admission Assistance

In case of any difficulties in the application process, please contact any members of our
admission committee for assistance. They would be more than glad to help you.