College of Sustainable
Transformation and Development
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Are you interested in Government, Governance and Leadership within the private, public and NGO sectors? This institute is designed to develop leaders within these spheres of influence. At the heart of this program is a curriculum that is multidisciplinary in nature. The curriculum is unique in how it connects the dots into a meaningful whole—weaving a tapestry of how the world, nations and corporations work. Key subjects include:

  • The Strategic Role of governance and public policy in National
    • Transformation and Development
    • Role of governance in national development
    • Role of public policy in national development
    • Role of politics in national development
    • Role of corporate governance in national development
  • 4 codes of life
  • The Ultimate Politician
  • Model Citizenship
  • Government, Governance & Leadership
  • The role of public policy in nation building
  • Philosophy and Architecture of International System
  • Regulation & Regulatory Capture
  • Transformational Business management principles and policies
  • Finance and financial planning
  • Fiscal and monetary policies
  • Management of national resources
  • Philosophy and architecture of International System
  • Africa’s current placement in International System
  • Basic steps in sustainable system development
  • Development plans