IGPP Overview

The Institute of Governance and Public Policy (IGPP) is a one-week intensive certificate training on leadership and governance facilitated by an international faculty.

It is an executive education program tailored for professionals who already find themselves in leadership roles and non-professionals who aspire to lead in any of the sphere of influence in society. This Institute offers an interdisciplinary transformational leadership experience for persons and organizations who seek to sharpen their influence while expanding their sphere of influence, elevate their effectiveness and deepen their impact—making it more sustainable.

The IGPP offers and environment where visionary leader participants can network with each other and the international faculty. The challenges in our world today can be traced to a dearth of leadership and effective problem-solving skills or policymaking. Leaders use policy to solve challenges—whether they be family, mindset, government, economic, education, science, media or arts related.


This Institute aims to develop and/or improve leadership potential within all spheres of influence—thus making it a leadership resource development initiative.
Venue: The Dome Theater, Logos Rhema Foundation Headquarters, Behind Ghana Trade Fair, La, Accra

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