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Do you currently work within or are you interested in Leadership and Governance within the private, public or NGO sectors? The College of Sustainable Transformation and Development (COSTrAD) presents the Institute of Governance and Public Policy (IGPP)—a one-week intensive mini executive education course facilitated by an international faculty.

The IGPP convokes influencers and thinkers from all spheres of society to come increase and broaden your knowledge and skills, deepen your thinking, while improving and bolstering your ability to lead, in these uncertain times. The courses offered at the Institute provide an enriching curricular experience, and are organized around the professional and academic areas listed below. This institute is designed to develop the leadership (governing) resource within the eight spheres of influence. The curriculum is unique in how it connects the dots into a meaningful whole—weaving a tapestry of how the world, nations and corporations work.


  • The Ultimate Politician
  • Office of the Citizen (Model Citizenship)
  • Philosophy and Architecture of International Systems
  • Public Policy and Good Governance
  • Invading Systems
  • Servant Leadership
  • Media and Governance


THEME: Disruptive Government, Governance and Leadership

DATE: April 8 – 13, 2019

TIME: 7:30am – 4:30pm DAILY



Logos-Rhema Foundation HQ, Conference Hall

Behind the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre La, Accra




  1. Visit: HOMEPAGE
  2. Click on INSTITUTES at the top of the homepage
  3. Navigate to INSTITUTE OF GOVERNANCE & PUBLIC POLICY (IGPP) – Apr 8-13, 2019 at the last bottom half of the page
  4. Click APPLY NOW to get started.



Please visit the Logos-Rhema Foundation HQ (located behind the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre La, Accra) and ask for the main office.


Early Registration: March 1 – March 31

Regular Registration: April 1 – April 4

Late Registration: April 5 – April 7 and ends 24 hours before the first-class meeting.