Family Development Institute (FDI)

FDI Overview

The family as the basic unity of society has far reaching implications on individual bent and ultimately on national stability in all respects.

Social sciences have lost the primacy of the family as the building block for life. This Institute is designed to restore the foundational nature of family life for personal and professional equilibrium as direct catalysts for nation building.

Other Key Subjects Treated

At present over 60 percent of the population of Africa are 24 years old and younger. This youth bulge can be a dividend for the continent and not a challenge but for this to be a reality, nations within this region should understand how to maximize this demographic. In the global west the situation is reversed with more aging populations. Whatever predicament one finds themselves in, there are ways to win at the end of the day. For the above reasons, this particular institute also covers the following subjects:

  • Foundations for brain architecture in early childhood
  • Early childhood development
  • Developing children into sons
  • Strategic, innovative and effective child development systems
  • Visionary arts and science.
  • Futuristic systems of education


Subjects List @ FDI

Foundations for brain architecture in early childhood, Early childhood development, Developing children into sons, Strategic Innovative and effective child development systems and Futuristic systems of education.