College of Sustainable
Transformation and Development
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Abu Bako is the founding president of the College of Sustainable Transformation and Development. He is an Economist by profession. A former lecturer in Economics and Senior Researcher in Agricultural Economics for several years, he is primarily a people-builder, a specialist in training, equipping and developing quality leaders at all levels of public life, in all the 8 spheres (domains, gates, mountains) of society, namely: Family, Belief System, Government, Governance and Leadership, Economy and Business, Education, Science and Technology Media, Arts, Sports and Culture.

Dr. Bako is a regular speaker at the Geneva Institute for Leadership & Public Policy (GILPP) where he serves on the Advisory Board. He also serves as the Founding President and International Coordinator of GAPNET of Global Apostolic and Prophetic Network (GAPNET). He is also the President & International Director, Logos-Rhema Foundation for Leadership Resource Development. He is a consultant to governments, organizations and a life coach.

Dr Abu Bako is happily married to beautiful Talatu Esther Bako, they have five wonderful children and one grandchild of destiny.